"Marked for Life: Finding Grace and Grit Where You Least Expect It"

Rebecca M. Simons and Paul Templer share riveting and inspiring real life stories.
Revealing how they have each overcome adversity, they write about the tenacity of the human spirit, while offering spiritual insights to help people grow and thrive.

“…Through their intensely powerful and personal stories, including ones about near-death experiences and resulting emotional trauma, authors Paul and Rebecca offer insights into human strength, hope, and the ability to prevail over life’s challenges… Brimming with theological and spiritual insights, but also steeped in neuro-literacy, Marked for Life will resonate with anyone who bears the scars of hardship and tragedy; anyone navigating anxiety, heartbreak, or grief; and anyone interested in changing their trajectory for the better…”

~ Foreword by Patrick J. Kennedy,
Former U.S. Congressman and Founder of The Kennedy Forum

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