Divorced Not Destroyed

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"Live your own happily ever after."

A firm believer that despite life being painful and hard we are created for goodness, purpose and to be our most awesome authentic selves. I love to help people live their own happily ever after and realize just how fabulous and beloved they are!


Divorced Not Destroyed

Divorce is a challenging painful experience filled with heartbreak, shattered dreams, and starting over. By working your way through the “Divorce Not Destroyed” program you’ll learn that divorce is not the end. You’ll learn how to manage your mood, attitude and rediscover and reclaim yourself regardless of your relationship status. 


Marked For Life

In this international bestselling book Rebecca M. Simons and Paul Templer share riveting and inspiring real life stories. Revealing how they have each overcome adversity, they write about the tenacity of the human spirit, while offering spiritual insights to help people grow and thrive. Foreword by Patrick J. Kennedy. 

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